Garage Door Repair Service in Edmonds WA

Garage Door Repair Edmonds WA

Professional garage door repair services in Edmonds WA

Professional garage door repair services in Edmonds WA

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Ever had trouble with your garage door to a point where you started thinking of perfect doors that never get damaged? For now it is just but a thought because they have not yet been invented. You have to bear patiently with your garage door and its problems.

You can reduce the problems your garage door can experience by frequent cleaning and checking. Ensuring all things are in place, replacing the old parts with new ones. This gives you a chance not to deal with problems often. It is also good to be aware of the common problems that you could encounter.

Here are some of the common garage door problems.

Garage Door Most Common Problems

  1. Broken or slipped cables

While closing your garage door, you could realize the door shuts so fast and hits the ground with a bang. This could result from broken or slipped cables. The cables help to move the door down slowly and smoothly. When the cables are broken or off the pulley, they are not restricted by anything and cannot therefore hold back the door for slow movement.

You have to fix this problem because your door can crush when it keeps hitting the ground in this manner.

  1. Poor alignment of tracks

Misaligned tracks could hinder movement of the garage door. If the door still moves, you can detect misalignment when you hear friction sound each time the door reaches a certain track.

Gaps in between rollers and rails or if the track is bent could lead to bigger problems when the door keeps passing.

These problems are easy to fix but caution should be taken for safety. A garage door repair service can have it fixed for you at a small cost.

Installing and repairing all makes and models of garage doors

Installing and repairing all makes and models of garage doors


Your garage door has been considered as a main entryway into your house. This is the reason why you need to leave all the handy work to someone whom you can trust. A repair company that can be trusted is one that will respect your privacy, maintained a good reputation across the years, and has years of experience behind him.

24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair in Edmonds WA

There are garage door service providers, who conduct repairs and just leave when the job is done. If you find something wrong or you discover that the repairs were not thorough after about one or two after the company did some repairs, there is nothing that you can do. On the other hand, a good garage door repair company has good follow through. They ensure quality service and when there is something they messed up or missed, they will fix it without charging additional cost.


Even though most of the workers in the garage door repair industry have knowledge about the technical aspect of their work, it cannot be said in the same way for customer rapport. Many homeowners usually find themselves not like a technician because they are not accommodating or friendly. A good garage door repair company will explain how things work and they will remove all your worries and concern.