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A garage door without an opener can be difficult to operate. Why lift your garage door while you can simply press a button to open and close it? Make it easy for yourself and purchase a garage door opener. It is important that you select a good opener.

If you prefer an affordable option, opt for chain drive. Belt drive, on the other hand, offers silent operation. Go for what you like and is good for your house and environment.

Installation of garage door openers is a do it yourself task. Here are simple steps to help you install your garage door opener.

Garage Door Installation

  1. Ensure the door is in good condition

You do not want to install an opener then the door doesn’t open and close automatically. Try to open and close the door manually to see if it works well.

  1. Install the opener and the power unit

Use a bracket to attach the opener to your garage door. Use a different bracket to attach the end of the assembly to the wall that is above the door.

Attach the opener to the ceiling at the blocking. If there’s none, install the blocking. Install the power unit at a high point to allow tall members of your family to easily access the garage.

  1. Connect the safety rope to an emergency release

This enables manual disconnecting of the opener from the door. It is a safety measure.

Garage Door Types and Repair

There are three main types of garage door openers. They include chain drive, belt drive and screw drive.

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